Dedicated to the Holy feet of my Beloved GuruDevas

Dedicated to the Holy feet of my Beloved GuruDevas
This union with the guru, O Kabir, Sets me free; like salt mingled With flour, I am no more I! Now I have no caste, no creed, I am no more what I am! O dear brother! By what name would you call me? - Kabir

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Maha Mantra

One of my Siddha Guru "Annai Siddhar Rajakumar Swami" was taken in to a forest by His Guru "Sree La Sree Thalayaati Siddhar" perumaan and informed him that HE will soon leave his physical body. (Samaadhi)

Before doing  so, He thought of giving a great boon not only to His close Disciple but for the entire humanity in the form of a Mantra.

HE said that "I want to give you the Sum total of all my energies, so whenever you recite that mantra Be aware that I am with you" and HE bestowed the Maha mantra to Him.
It is


Pray to the 210 Sitthars everyday and Chant " AUM JAI GURUVAE THUNAI " your peaceful place of dwelling will become as resplendent as the Sanctum of the Lord of the Seven hills.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Appeasing Hunger


Hunger is an “DISEASE” with which every one fights everyday. That’s why it is called “PASI PINI”.

As  Saint Thiruvalluvar said,
“Great indeed is the power acquired through austerity to endure hunger.
But greater still is the power of those who relieve the hunger of others.“

Appeasing the Hunger of other beings is the highest form of Dharma that one can do. All Great Sages constantly remind us about this dharma, which invokes the divine presence within. At last, it is the ONLY HUMAN PIT OF DESIRE that can be FULFILLED in the whole Life.

Fasting (Viradham) not only cleanses our body, but also makes us realize about the importance of food. After breaking the fast, an ordinary food itself will appear so delicious. If Skipping 1 out of 3 meals in a day itself brings so much discomfort mentally and physically, just think about the beings, who cry for just 1 meal a day!!!

When we are bored and worried about the regular kind of food we are eating and searching for delicious restaurants, there are beings around us begging for “something” to eat to keep them alive.

Annai Siddhar Rajakumar Swamy feeding an calf in Ashram
One of my Siddha Guru Annai Siddhar Rajakumar Swamy, the founder of Maha Siddhargal Trust would say “For the one who feeds others hunger, the divine enacts his every thought or need and any word he utters would come true by the virtue of his good karma accumulated by this Dharma”.

Perambalur is 1-hour drive from Trichy situated in Trichy – Chennai route. Elambalur is a small village situated here, mostly comprising of daily wagers. Most of the people here go to out-stations or other states for months to earn. So their children’s also mostly accompany them for work or go for fields, quarry, and construction work for earning their daily bread. Even for those who are fed in home, the food they eat is not nutritious and these kids don’t have enough growth of their age and look abnormal.

Maha Siddhargal Trust is a non-profit organization situated in the foot hill of Brahma Rishi Hills, which feeds the hungry stomach [[Not only Humans, but also Bairavas (Dogs), Aanjaneyars (Monkeys), Birds, Cows, Ducks, even ants]] on a daily basis. AnnaDhanam also carried out here on a daily basis where numerous sages and people are fed. These kids also come here for breakfast, dinner etc., I took these pictures myself during one of my visit there, when I personally fed them with just podridge, which they drank with utmost happiness.

If we were able to provide a small amount on a monthly basis, it would be very helpful to feed this needy people.

I just want to recall a scene from the life of Karnan here. One day when taking bath, he was applying oil from a gold cup, which is kept to his left side. That time a seeker came asking for help. Suddenly Karnan looked around and picked up and gave the golden cup using his left hand. The others around there scolded for his poor manners for giving in left hand. For that he replied,  “My mind may change in between the tiny gap of transferring the cup from left to right. That’s why I gave it immediately”.

When the Heart Says YES to giving, ACT immediately before the mind gets in to the picture with a lot of logical reasons to stop that.

I accept that, the money you spend for this cause won’t get you any materialistic goods like perfumes, cosmetics, a night out dinner, a recharge coupon etc., But I BET you that, On thinking and Seeing the happiness of the beings after feeding them will bring you the supreme satisfaction which our papers cant borrow.

Please take part in this Sacred act and lets try to appease the hunger of the beings as far as we can...
 A big thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart... GOD BLESS

210 Siddhars Mantra

Siddhar's Prayer

               One of my Guru Siddhar RajaKumar Swami when wandering about the jungles searching for a perfect mantra, Swami heard the voice of "Boodha Narayana Siddhar of Nambi Hills" in South India through "Asareeri" (revelation) and the voice said: “When you chant the names of all the 210 siddhars, you will receive the benefit of chanting all the mantras”.Pray to 210 Sithars every day and chant “Jai Guru Deva". Your peaceful place of dwelling will become as resplendent as the sanctum of the Lord of the seven hills.

Ohm Maha Ganapathiku Arohara
Ohm Muppathu Mukkodi Devarkaluku
Ohm Narpathenayiram Rishigaluku
Ohm Saptha Rishikaluku
Ohm Asta Dhiku Palagarkaluku
Ohm Sivaperumanuku
Ohm Vishnuperumanuku
Ohm Birumma Devanuku
Ohm Parasakthiku
Ohm Astalakshmikaluku
Ohm Kalaivaniku
Ohm Murugapperumanuku
Ohm Kala Bairavaruku
Ohm Veera Bathri Samiku
Ohm Devendiranuku
Ohm Irupathi elu Natchatrangaluku
Ohm Pathinaindhu Thidhigaluku
Ohm Ragu Kala Devathaiku
Ohm Emaganda Devathaiku
Ohm Kagapusunda Natharuku
Ohm Navakiraha Nayagarkaluku
Ohm Pancha Boothankaluku
Ohm Boohma Deviku
Ohm Ema Dharumarajanuku
Ohm Chithra Guptaruku

Ohm Poori Malai Amutha Maharishiku
Ohm Poori Malai Soothamamunivaruku
Ohm Poori Malai Sivathyana Munivaruku
Ohm Poori Malai Poobala Munivaruku
Ohm Poori Malai Muthu veeramamunivaruku
Ohm Poori Malai Jayamunivaruku
Ohm Poori Malai Vedha Munivaruku
Ohm PadmanabanKavu Sanga Munivaruku
Ohm Malayalam Pathanjali Munivaruku
Ohm MalayalamViyakra Munivaruku
Ohm MalayalamJanakama Munivaruku
Ohm Ariyan Kavu SivaBrahma Maharishiku
Ohm Ariyan Kavu Parasa Rishiku
Ohm Ariyan Kavu Valla Siddharuku
Ohm Ariyankavu Asuvini Devaruku
Ohm Nambikoil Kudambai Siddharuku
Ohm Nambikoil Yoga Siddharuku
Ohm Nambikoil Punnakku Siddharuku
Ohm Viswanathan Kavukanjamalai Siddharuku
Ohm OtraiyurThirumoolaNitharuku
Ohm Pachaiyaru Vairavanuku
Ohm Pachiyaru Vana Devadhaikaluku
Ohm Pachiyaru Mouna Siddharuku
Ohm Pachiyaru Degachithi Siddharuku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Vararishiku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Kavubala Siddharuku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Mathiraja Rishiku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Gowthama Rishiku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Theraiya Munivaruku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Visuvani Devaruku
Ohm Kamalanathan Kavu Ambika Nantharuku
Ohm Ponnariyan Kavu Damaranandaruku
Ohm Mamangurichi Kaiyatti Siddharuku
Ohm Koodavanallur Malaikanna Nandaruku
Ohm Koodavanallur Malai Siddhanandarukku
Ohm Ingilasa Paruvatham Sachithanandaruku
Ohm Kandanathan Kavu Gananatharuku
Ohm Valliyurmalai Suriyanandaruku
Ohm Valliyurmalai Sivanandaruku
Ohm Valliyurmalai Thatichinamoorthiku
Ohm Valliyurmalai SoroopaNandaruku
Ohm Kalakkadumalai Eganatharuku
Ohm Kalakkadumalai MadhiseelaMahaMunivaruku
Ohm Theerthamalai Agasthiya Munivaruku
Ohm Varahimalai Kambali Natharuku
Ohm Varahimalai Pulasthiyaruku
Ohm Pavanasamalai Thrikalakiyana munivaruku
Ohm Aruvimalai Arutchitharuku
Ohm Aruvimalai Ghavunakulikai Siddharuku
Ohm Sengotai Malai Rajarishiku
Ohm Sengotai Malai Bodha Munivaruku
Ohm Surandai Madhiman malai Kangeya Rishiku
Ohm Surandai Madhiman malai Kanchana Munivaruku
Ohm Surandai Madhiman malai Gyana Samadhi Siddharuku
Ohm Surandai madhiman malai Santha Maharishiku
Ohm Surandai madhiman malai Vasiyoga Siddharuku
Ohm Kannatru malai Kalati Siddharuku
Ohm Kannatru malai Vadhasantha Maharishiku
Ohm Kannatru malai Sattha Rishiku
Ohm Kannatru malai Deva Maharishiku
Ohm Kannatru malai Parpa Maharishiku
Ohm Patharmalai Navanatha Siddharuku
Ohm Patharmalai Adavi Siddaruku
Ohm Thirikooda Paruvadham Sodhi Rishiku
Ohm Thirikooda Paruvadham Brahmananda Rishiku
Ohm Sivagirikendha paruvadham Anumathi Siddharuku
Ohm Sivagirikendha paruvadham Segaraja Siddharuku
Ohm Sivagirikendha paruvadham Vasudeva Maharishiku
Ohm Sivagirikendha paruvadham Nathamunivaruku
Ohm Sivagirikendha paruvadham Anumathi Siddharuku
Ohm Paymalai palaiyanandarukku
Ohm Paymalai Tholukani Siddharuku
Ohm Gundumalai Sangiya Maharishiku
Ohm Kottaimalai Marnattuch Siddharuku
Ohm Kaattazhlagar Koil malai Ramarishiku
Ohm Kaattazhlagar Koil malai pranayama Siddharuku
Ohm Thalavai malai Manikatti Siddharuku
Ohm Thalavai malai Kanaiyazhi Siddharuku
Ohm Vadagirimalai kaalinganatharuku
Ohm Thaaniparaimalai Athiri Maharishiku
Ohm Kailasagiri Machka munivaruku
Ohm Sathuragiri Korakka munivaruku
Ohm Vishnugiri RamaDevaruku
Ohm Sathuragiri palavadikaruppuku
Ohm Merugiri Dhuruvasa Maharishiku
Ohm Sathuragiri Sundara Mahalingathuku
Ohm Sathuragiri Sattai Munivaruku
Ohm Kumbamalai kumba Munivaruku
Ohm Mahendiragiri Bogha Maharishiku
Ohm Sanjeevigiri Pusunda Maharishiku
Ohm Indiragiri Roma Rishiku
Ohm Indiragiri Yugi Munivaruku
Ohm Kailasagiri Sundaranandaruku
Ohm Kailasagiri Azhlaganandaruku
Ohm Sathuragiri Sannasi Vanathuku
Ohm Brahmagiri Brahma Munivaruku
Ohm Siddhagiri Kalangi Natharuku
Ohm Sathagiri KalaMaharishiku
Ohm Sathagiri Nandheeswararuku
Ohm Sivagiri Dhanvandiri Munivaruku
Ohm Sathuragiri Mahalingam Koil Sundaralingathuku
Ohm Suriyagiri Konganama Munivaruku
Ohm Suriyagiri Brinjaha Rishiku
Ohm Sivagiri Mega Sanjara Rishiku
Ohm Maavootru Udayagiri Siddharaku
Ohm Maavootru Gururasarishiku
Ohm Kuberagiri Akasha Ghevunarishiku
Ohm Sivagiri Kaala Maha Rishiku
Ohm Indiragiri Veedana Munivarku
Ohm Thulukkan Mottai Yakobu Munivaruku
Ohm Kattalai Kombai Malai Bringi Maharishiku
Ohm Varisai Nattu malai Kalinga Maharishiku
Ohm Kadamalaikundu Marchala Mahamunivaruku
Ohm Varisai Nattumalai Kanghala Mahamunivaruku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Kamala Mamunivaruku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Vedandha Siddharuku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Boodha Narayana Siddharuku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Vyasa Munivaruku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Kannuva Maharishiku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Vashista Maharishiku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Kabala Natharuku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Kailaya pudavu Imaya giri Siddharuku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Sugabrahma Rishiku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Visuvamithra Munivaruku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Madhanga Maharishiku
Ohm Surulimalai Devaloga giri Sangiya Mahamunivaruku
Ohm Kumulimalai kaduvelich Siddharuku
Ohm Kumulimalai Azhlugani Siddharuku
Ohm Devimalai Kalluzhi Siddharuku
Ohm Devimalai Ekkiya MahaMunivaruku
Ohm Bodimalai Samadkini Maharishiku
Ohm Kottai Kudimalai Idaikattu Siddaruku
Ohm Etturmalai Mouth Kalya Maharishiku
Ohm Kodaikanal malai Siva vakkiyaruku
Ohm Kodaikanal malai Koormanandaruku
Ohm Thandikkudimalai Karka Maha Munivaruku
Ohm Poolathurmalai Kumara Sundararukku
Ohm Vimalamalai Poorana Siddarukku
Ohm Nandhimalai Athma Gyana Siddharuku
Ohm Kandaganur malai Sanaga munivaruku
Ohm Kombuthooki malai Arivanandha Siddharuku
Ohm Pasumalai Bhavani siddharuku
Ohm Thiruparangkundram kasi viswanatharukku
Ohm Nagamalai Ghevuna Siddharuku
Ohm Narasingamalai Sivanesa Siddharuku
Ohm Kidarimalai Sivaprakasa Siddharuku
Ohm Azhagarmalai Merugiri Siddharuku
Ohm Vellimalai kadaipillai Siddharuku
Ohm Edabamalai Sibich Siddharuku
Ohm Solaimalai Gnana Siddharukku
Ohm Kombaimalai Agappai Siddharuku
Ohm Aruvimalai Ulugama Munivaruku
Ohm Pannaimalai Salarkara Munivaruku
Ohm Vannimalai Asamarutha Mahamunivaruku
Ohm Vimalamalai Poovadai Siddharuku
Ohm Koduvamalai Lalada Siddharuku
Ohm Avunimalai kabada Siddharuku
Ohm Kombaimalai pavanandhi munivaruku
Ohm Adavimalai Kurubara Munivaruku
Ohm Paruvathamalai Thavanatha Munivaruku
Ohm Mandhimalai Sugadhara Siddharuku
Ohm Thayumanavarmalai Sivandheeswararuku
Ohm Kollimalai Arappaleeswararuku
Ohm Kollimalai Kayilangiri Siddharuku
Ohm Kolliamyam Pavaikku
Ohm Soramadaiyanukku
Ohm Pallinathar Koil Sambu Maharishiku
Ohm Karumalai Udaragiri Siddharuku
Ohm Sirumalai kundu kamalasana Siddharuku
Ohm Kanjamalai Suzhimunai Siddharuku
Ohm Kumulimalai Thabodhana Siddharukku
Ohm kumulimalai Arthana Siddharuku
Ohm Kumulimalai Koona Kannaruku
Ohm Arihesa Parvatham kundali Siddharuku
Ohm Arihesa Parvatham Meikanda Siddharuku
Ohm Arihesa Parvatham Vaalaiyanandaruku
Ohm Arihesa Parvatham Muthanandaruku
Ohm Vamana Parvatham Samaya natharuku
Ohm Vamana Parvatham Chandra natharuku
Ohm Vamana Parvatham Boodha nandaruku
Ohm Vamana Parvatham Kadamba natharuku
Ohm Varagagiri Tharuga Vana Rishiku
Ohm Varagagiri Marghanteya Mahamunivaruku
Ohm Palanimalai Pulippani Munivaruku
Ohm Palanimalai Desiga Munivaruku
Ohm Palanimalai Kachiyappa Munivaruku
Ohm Palanimalai Birugu Maharishiku
Ohm Kanchana Paruvatham Sorga Mamunivaruku
Ohm Kanchana Paruvatham Winokkich Siddharuku
Ohm Kongumalai Changizhi Siddharuku
Ohm Udumalai Karuvoorarku
Ohm Poovaootru malai Akilanda Siddharuku
Ohm Manjamalai Valmigi Maharishiku
Ohm Pollachimalai Vilaiyatuch Siddharuku
Ohm Pollachimalai Vimalach Siddharuku
Ohm Devimalai Thirigona Siddharuku
Ohm Kailaya paruvadham Amirtha Siddharuku
Ohm Sembaiyimalai Miruganda Maharishiku
Ohm Emayamalai Parabara Siddharuku
Ohm Kayilangiri Siddharmalai Pidi Nakkeesaruku
Ohm Thrikoodaparuvadham Paranjothi Munivaruku
Ohm Thrikoodaparuvadham Sirendira Munivaruku
Ohm Thrikoodaparuvadham Avandhiya MahaMunivaruku
Ohm Thirikooda paravatham Puviyanandaruku
Ohm Thirikooda paravatham Vegulinatharuku
Ohm Sevungiya paruvatham Thathuvanatharuku
Ohm Sevungiya paruvatham Naratha Maha Munivaruku
Ohm Sevungiya paruvatham Kayasiddhi Natharuku
Ohm Sevungiya paruvatham Gyanandha Siddharuku

Ohm Sri Sarva Sri Saktha Prapmaga Sarpa Iratchagasri Agasthiya Siddharuku
Ohm Sri Sarva Sri Saktha Prapmaga Sarpa Sri Kalahastheeswara
Ohm Sri Sadaba Siddharuku
Ohm Sri Sarva Sri Saktha Prapmaga Sarpa Sri Maharishi
Ohm Maheshwaraya
Ohm Kausthuba purushaya Sri Idiyappa Siddharuku
Ohm Thiru Annamalai Yogiram Surathkumarku
Ohm Thiru Annamalai Venkatrama Siddharuku
Ohm Thiru Annamalai Ramana Maharishiku
Ohm Thiru Annamalai Sheshadri Swamigaluku
Ohm Papanasam Sadhu Krishnaveni Ammavuku
Ohm Kanchi Kalangi Sivasami Siddharuku
Ohm Ulunthoorpaettai Shankaralinga Swamiku
Ohm Kasavanampatti Avadhooda Swamigaluku
Ohm Thandaiyarpaetai Avadhooda Swamigaluku
Ohm Sempatti Marimuthu Avadhooda Swamigaluku
Ohm Karumaripatti Mohan Siddaruku
Ohm Shiridi Saibabavuku
Ohm Annai Aravindaruku
Ohm Bhuvanagiri Sri Raghavendra Swamigaluku
Ohm Rajapalayam Sarkurunatha Swamigaluku
Ohm Rajapalayam Poonal Ganapathy Yogeeswararuku
Ohm Rajapalayam Karuppaiya Gyaniyaruku
Ohm Rajapalayam Ponnappa Gyaniyaruku
Ohm Sadhuragiri Rajasaniyasi Kalimuthu Swamigaluku
Ohm Poondi Magan Swamigaluku
Ohm Ilangai Gayathri Siddar Murugesu Swamigaluku
Ohm Dhurgai Siddharku
Ohm Vadapalani Ohmkara Swamigalukku
Ohm Vadapalani Annasami Thambiranuku
Ohm Vadapalani Rathinasami Thambiranuku
Ohm Vadapalani Bakiyalinga Thambiranuku
Ohm Vadapalai Paranjothi Mahanuku
Ohm Medavakkam Sivavakkiyar Yaghava Munivaruku
Ohm Siddhayogi Sivashangar Babavuku
Ohm Arulveli Siddharuku
Ohm Mayilai Sadhasiva Brammendiraruku
Ohm Suruli Jegannathan Swamigaluku
Ohm Pamban Srimath Kumaragurudasa Swamigaluku
Ohm Madha Amirthanandha Mayeeku
Ohm Palani Mootai Swami Palanisami Siddharuku
Ohm Thiru Annamalai Malai melirukum Narayanaswamiku
Ohm Suruli Ponnaiyah Swamigaluku
Ohm Emayamalai Babaji Swamigaluku

Ohm Annai Siddhar Rajakumar Swamigaluku
Ohm Aganda Pari poorana Sachithanandha Swamigaluku
Ohm Kaliyuga Avadhara parasakthi Brahmarishi malai Nalini Ammanuku
Ohm Durgai Sakthikaluku
Ohm Angala Parameswariku
Ohm Mahakaligaluku
Ohm Vannathi Ammanuku
Ohm Irusa puravayi Ammanuku
Ohm Ovvai Pattiku
Ohm Bannari Mari Ammanukku
Ohm Kollur Mookambikeshwariku
Ohm Saptha Kannikalukku
Ohm Madhurai Meenakchi Ammanuku
Ohm Kanchi Kamatchi Ammanuku
Ohm Kasi Visalatchi Ammanukku
Ohm Madurai Veerasamikku
Ohm Bommiy Ammanukku
Ohm Valli Ammanukku
Ohm Pudumai Lakshmi Ammanuku
Ohm Adimoola Amirtha Dhanvandiriku
Ohm Olakkur Veera Narayana perumal Siddhar Perumanukku
Ohm Mandhira Thandira Indira Yandira Mahasakthi Padaitha Srilasri Kagapujandar
Maharishi Moosa Thalayatti Siddhar Perumanuku


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sri La Sri Olakkur Siddhar

         Sri La Sri 'Olakkur Veera Naraayana Perumaal' Siddhar
In the summer of 2005, when returning from Chennai one of my Siddha Gurus, "Sri RajaSwamy Siddhar" saw a divine person with long matted hair standing in the scorching sun. From that day, it become a habit of feeding the Siddhar whenever my Guru traveled along that way.

Sometimes the Siddha will be seen standing near a lake whose sight was so much powerful to handle. when food is given, HE will either eat or throw as per HIS wish.Then he changed the place of his dwelling.

After few days my guru got an information that HE is staying in a place called Olakkur. He started searching him praying within himself and by HIS grace he found the Siddha under a Tamrind tree.By paying some bucks to a Hotel owner near by, my Guru asked to feed the Siddha everyday. Then again the Siddha changed the place near a furniture shop under a Tamrind tree again. This time my guru asked the furniture owner Mr.Venkatesh to feed him to which he agreed wholeheartedly. He then presented Mr.Venkatesh a mobile phone to stay informed about the siddhar always.

Mr.Bala who was running a weighbridge nearby helped in feeding the Siddha for 3 continuous years, after which the Siddha asked him to go to Chidambaram in a dream to which he agreed. 

Once my GuruJi had a dream where he saw a guy hitting the siddha in his motorcycle. Within few days a drunkard on his way hit the Siddha in his motor cycle. With the help of Olakkur Ravikumar GuruJi admitted HIM in Vizhuppuram hospital and he paved a small hut for him to stay near the Highways road, where he stayed till his last days.

After receiving HIS blessings my Guru once traveled to Singapore where in his dream the Siddha warned him that the agricultural work in Kolli Hills ashram was not going well. At that time our Kolli hills ashram had agricultural work going on. GuruJi immediately returned to ashram and found that what HE said in the dream was True.
The siddha was not easily approachable as he does not encouraged crowd around him. He will not speak or reply to anyone's queries too. Only who are true in their heart will be able to approach him and HE too bless them  in a way which they only knew.

Since the Siddha is always in a trance he avoided crowd and gatherings around him. After Mr.Venkatesh left to Chidambaram, GuruJi found a person called Ezhumalai, a owner of small road side hotel to take care of the Siddha. Ezhumalai and his wife took care of the Siddha very well and fed HIM thrice a day. 
With the growing number of devotees and strangers on the way, more people started visiting the siddha which become a hindrance in HIS meditation.HE was always found in a deep trance state of meditation with no knowledge of his body. Sometimes the only loin cloth which he was wearing will be found lying under HIS feet as if it too wished to receive HIS Blessings. So he generally avoided people nearing him including Mr.Ezhumalai and he beat him too with an umbrella once.

Myself and GuruJi have seen so many times that the ants around the hut eating HIS wounded foot (the wound HE got by the accident) , but he showed no resistance to them. When we tried to clear off the ants He did not even allowed it as it may hurt or kill those little beings. Such is HIS universal Grace.

My GuruJi "Siddhar Rajakumar" conducts Chitra pournami (Full moon) pooja and AnnaDhaanam in the ThiruKurungudi Thirumalai Nambi hills for the past 30 years. In 2010 too he was there in the Nambi hills  at that time, when he got a news from a small boy who went to feed the Siddha. The boy informed  that the Siddha was not responding and HE was lying on the ground.Getting this information GuruJi immediately ordered the boy to re-visit the Siddha's hut with few elderly people only to found that he attained Maha  Samadhi (The act of consciously and intentionally leaving one's body at the time of enlightenment.)

Hearing this news, the members who were taking care of the Siddha, MR.Ravikumar, Mr.Ezhumalai, Mr.Palanivel and our Singapore devotee Mr.Rathinavel, (Director Tech-media Singapore) who was on his way to Nambi hills came to Olakkur to have alast darshan of  the Siddha Purusha. The Holy Yagna powder and herbals were brought from GuruJi's ashram ( Situated at the foothills of Holy Brahamarishi Hills)
and the Siddha was kept in Samaadhi (by building a Small Shrine with a Linga on top) on Chitra Pornami day evening exactly the same time when GuruJi was doing the 210 Maha Siddhargal Yagna at Nambi Hills. Approximately a thousand people gathered there to receive the divine blessings of the Siddha.

Few days before this event, Srilankan Siddhar Sri PunniyaRathinam visited our Ashram which is situated in the foothills of Holy BrahmaRishi hills.There Sri PunniyaRathinam Siddhars' wife saw a bright green light glowing from behind the hilltop and passed in to the galaxy. It is on this day the Siddha left his body. (It feels to me personally that as if he exited from his bodily shrine and become ONE with the universe or the CREATOR)

Few months before HIS Samadhi,  in my GuruJi's dream he showed two trees in a place called "Nallaathur" by adding that He wants to go there and Stay. My Guru wanted to take the siddha to the place as per HIS wish but no one knew where the place is. It is on the day of  HIS MahaSamadhi where he was put in a Samadhi state (Just few hundred meters away from HIS hut where he stayed) we came to knew that place is also called as "Nallathur". My GuruJi was so touched and Surprised by the Siddha's prophecy and his
Love and Grace)
In one of the earlier visits My Guruji asked his name because no one knew what it was.The Siddha who was eating that time handed over the paper (which had the eatables) where it was written as "Veera Naaraya Perumal".
By God's grace if anyone of us is blessed to have a darshan of the Siddhas or the holy men, try to feed them and take care of them without disturbing them). Because feeding them with utmost devotion will bring you all prosperity, well-being and divine blessings as it is considered to be the greatest dharma
Chant "AUM JAI GURUVAE THUNAI" by thinking of the holy Siddhars and your place of dwelling will become as resplendent as the Lord of Seven hills.
                                                   "AUM JAI GURUVAE THUNAI"