Dedicated to the Holy feet of my Beloved GuruDevas

Dedicated to the Holy feet of my Beloved GuruDevas
This union with the guru, O Kabir, Sets me free; like salt mingled With flour, I am no more I! Now I have no caste, no creed, I am no more what I am! O dear brother! By what name would you call me? - Kabir

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Siddhar in dream - part 1

Siddhar in my dream !!!

 I was a new visitor that time to the Brahma Rishi hills Ashram founded by my beloved Gurudeva "Annai Siddhar Sri RajaKumar Swamigal". I used to visit Him whenever i found time from my routine work.  By Guru's (GOD) grace i had an opportunity of staying in the ashram for about a month.

A typical day in the ashram begins around 4.00 AM in the early morning. I was blessed to catch my daily sleep in a hall which is next to Swami's room. Early mornings he used to call me by my name and i will suddenly woke up to start my day which is followed by a cold shower and taking care of the morning yagna. The holy powerful 210 Siddhar pooja is conducted thrice a day around the year.
After that the devotees, children's and visitors are fed and the devotees who stay in the ashram will be engaged in preparing the food for AnnaDhaanam ( Free food is fed to all whoever visits the Ashram. I was surprised to see that Bairavas(Dog's), Aanjaneeyars (Monkeys) , Birds and even Ants are fed regularly !!!).

Exactly at 12 noon the Mid day pooja starts and the devotees are fed with Free food and the Ashram members used to catch a little rest. Around 4 the crew starts preparing for the evening pooja and yagna by lighting an oil lamp at the top of hill near the Holy pillar consecrated by Siddhar Konganathar centuries ago. The Aanjaneya's will be waiting for us in the mountain for Sweet rice and the Bananas we feed daily. The all powerful 210 Maha Siddhargal yagna is conducted for invoking the 210 Siddha purushas who live in astral form in the Holy BrahmaRishi Hills.Once the poojs is over, prasadham is distributed to the devotees, children's and neighborhood people and everyone leaves.

Those are the golden hours which I will be expecting everyday, because SwamiJi will be in a relaxed mood often seen Sharing His experiences and stories to the fortunate few who were with Him at that time. I would love to hear those Spiritually up-lifting Sessions coming directly from Him. But He used to clear me off the place as He doesn't encourage sitting idle.

Minutes before His Sleep i used to do do small small things for Him like applying oil, etc., Those are the time I used to ask my questions to him to which he gives beautiful insights. Within mins He goes to sleep (I would say sleepless sleep) I would retire in the nearby hall.

Upon waking up in the morning He often ask me "Who came yesterday night ?", "What AYYA told yesterday ?"  (He refers to the incident in MY Dream) I would reply "No  one came Swami Ji". For that he would say "Hmmm.. Ok. It seems that your mind has still not become calm and it is disturbed by so many thoughts".

 Sometimes he ask to lay down near him and the next day ask me "What happened yesterday night ?". I would say a "No" as usual for which he reply "No one ??? I believe you have forgot "

To be continued......

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